The aesthete, Lille streetwear  

1970 in London. The punk movement emerges. Committed, rebellious and shocking, it shocked and disturbed the London bourgeoisie.

2020 in Lille. L'Esthète breaks the codes. The selection of streetwear is both shocking and surprising.

Two eras, two cities whose instigators have one thing in common: freedom. The freedom to rebel, to astonish (to disrupt?) but, above all, to break free from codes.

Between emerging designers and well-known brands, let yourself be challenged. Whether it's the incisive clothes, the unique sneakers, the surprising accessories or the bewitching perfumes, you won't leave indifferent.

It is this unbearable indifference that characterises the followers of L'Esthète. Incisive in their look, committed and rebellious, the unique and exclusive selection reveals them.

In a conformist society where jeans and shirts are legion, where diktats are omnipresent, L'Esthète allows you to free yourself.

Palm Angels, Rick Owens, Gallery Dept, among others, stand side by side for exclusive models. Add to that renowned, singular and remarkable brands. Great houses, personifying the know-how, the exception whose prestige shines through. One name, and we know. Among them, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Alexander Mcqueen.

Pioneers of luxury streetwear in Lille, we willingly let ourselves be impregnated by the culture and the attitude, largely transmitted by a staff that embodies it.


LESTHETE has a surface of 250m2 offering 3 spaces

LESTHETE is in the heart of Old Lille on one of the most beautiful streets

LESTHETE is located at the crossroads of Europe 


28 rue Basse, 59800 LILLE



LUNDI 14H - 19H

MARDI 10H30 - 13H / 14H - 19H

MERCREDI 10H30 - 13H / 14H - 19H

JEUDI 10H30 - 13H / 14H - 19H

VENDREDI 10H30 - 13H / 14H - 19H

SAMEDI 10H30 - 13H / 14H - 19H